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Here are a few Peppermill Memories Shared By You!  We would like to sincerely thank each person who has shared their story with us.  We love reading about your experiences at Peppermill!

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Madeline’s Peppermill Memory:

I can remember my mother and father-in-law always going to Peppermill.
It was one of their favorite places to eat. They took us (myself,
husband and children) there many times as well. We usually went for
lunch on Sunday. They would go anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner. My
father-in-law had a birthday party there one year. It was in the area
where you walked up a few steps. They had a long table set up for the
guests. I could only find a few pictures of this occasion.

Madeline's Peppermill Memory


The two at the top were from the birthday party in 1986 and the two at the bottom
are from Easter 1989. My favorite dish was always the veal or chicken
parmigiana. Both of my in-laws have passed away, but I will always
have fond memories of our time spent with them at Peppermill.

Gwen’s Peppermill Memory:

My favorite memories are gathering at the Peppermill for the Metairie parades. Great food, drinks, and family time. It was enjoyable with all my parent’s friends, and now with my friends. When my older son was an infant, I remember one of my dad’s friends holding him so that I could enjoy my meal. Both my boys were spoiled going to eat at a “fancy” restaurant ordering appetizers with their dinner and then enjoying a parade. When they were little, we took our boys to a New Orleans downtown parade, and they didn’t like it. When we asked why, it was because, “not as much fun as at the Peppermill.” Now that both my boys are older; one a college graduate and the other a college sophomore, I cherish those memories, and I look forward to many more with their friends and families. For now my husband and I are keeping the tradition going during Caesar parade enjoying dinner with friends and family before the parade. Sure miss the all day Sunday parades and our long, wonderful day at the Peppermill.

Alison’s Peppermill Memory:

I went to London on vacation in 1986 and was introduced to Chicken Kiev there and loved it. Upon returning to Metairie, I was dining at Peppermill and there on the menu was Chicken Kiev ! Many dining experiences there were always great.

 Madison’s Peppermill Memory:


Although my family frequents Peppermill for both breakfast and dinner
(sometimes in the same day!), I’d have to say I love the breakfast the
most! Peppermill is where I had my first eggs Benedict, which has
become my absolute favorite dish! Great staff and great food! We
always have great family meals there.

Marcia’s Peppermill Memory:

Breakfast at Peppermill has been a tradition for our family since 1987! My husband order’s an omelet he calls the Gene Special that he created and tells everyone one day it will be on the menu. His 60th surprise birthday party was breakfast at the Peppermill with family and friends and the Gene Special omelet as one of the menu choices.

Samantha’s Peppermill Memory:

Breakfast with the family around a beautifully appointed table! Good times!

Betsy’s Peppermill Memory:

My husband and I were married May 15. 1976. I can’t recall which
anniversary we first celebrated at the Peppermill, but when we were
ordering off your “anniversary specials” menu, I asked the server what
day the restaurant actually opened its doors. Lo and behold the
response was “May 15, 1976”.

The Peppermill has always had a place in our lives – favorite place
for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When I gather with friends for
quarterly breakfasts, my first suggestion has always been the
Peppermill! (second choice is always Riccobono’s Panola St. Cafe!). We
always felt like this was the type of restaurant that our children
viewed as “fancy” as they were growing up. Now it’s our adorable
grandchildren who appreciate all you have to offer.
I truly feel that the Peppermill is a model restaurant. You
consistently make diners feel special in an atmosphere that is first
class while offering the best-valued menu in the metro area. The staff
is so exquisitely trained. I can testify that these accolades describe
the Peppermill throughout your 39 years.
Happy Anniversary! May we enjoy a long and continued admiration for
your lovely restaurant for many more years! Congratulations and God
Bless! You would make your founders very proud

– Danny and Betsy

Bobby’s Peppermill Memory:

Not sure how many years Ive been eating breakfast at Peppermill, but I remember using a highchair for my son. He just turns 22 years old this month…No one makes a better “well done” waffle…Thanks for all the great years of service!

Kathy’s Peppermill Memory:

My husband and I first dined at Peppermill soon after it opened. My family has enjoyed decades of dining together at Peppermill. We’ve also celebrated birthdays, weddings, holidays, and even shared our sadness after funerals there. Over the years, the Riccobono family became like my own. The friendships formed with Josie and Nettie remain forever in my heart.

Nikki’s Peppermill Memory:

The first time I brought my daughter, Emmy, to Peppermill she was 6 months old and she slept through the entire meal. LOL. But that soon changed, by the time she was 2, Peppermill was her favorite! How many 2 year olds do you know that love stuffed mirliton?!?! Given the choice between McDonald’s across the street or the Peppermill, Peppermill won out with Emmy EVERY time. Emmy’s waitress was Lisa. The relationship that they had was amazing! (Lisa has just recently retired.) I’ve never seen a waitress take an order from a 2 year old before. Haha. Lisa’s station was upstairs and it wasn’t always easy for me to get Emmy up there as Emmy has Cerebral Palsy, but i managed to to do it. Her order was always the same “white soup and mac and cheese” (that they would make up special for her in the back). Usually Emmy made me call ahead to make sure they had white soup that day and to be sure that Lisa was working. We enjoyed lunch there sometimes 4-5 times a week. (A big thank you to all family and friends who joined us and never got burnt out on Emmy’s selection day after day, year after year!!) Emmy was quite the little celebrity at the Peppermill and I will never forget all of the fun times we had there! Now that Emmy is 8 years old, her choices are a little more diverse but we always manage to come back to the Peppermill and it always hold such fond memories for us 🙂

 Anthony’s Peppermill Memory:

My mom Gloria worked at The Riverbend many years ago and we also always went to The Peppermill…she was family friends of the Riccobono’s and ALWAYS spoke of them fondly…such a hard working, dedicated to the business family…mom is 85 now and still speaks of the delicious breakfast, best coffee in town, and how she loved the liver & onions!!! Memories that I cherish too…we would go often with my stepdad, brother, and grandmother, all of which have passed now. Mom is doing GREAT and we hope to visit soon…THANK YOU for years of FAMILY TRADITIONS!!!

Jeannette’s Peppermill Memory:

My family and I have been dining at the Peppermill since I was a baby…1980ish. I will never forget the big wicker chairs that I loved and always had to sit in, even if the chairs had to be moved across the restaurant to accommodate me. Last year, I got married and my family surprised us with a dinner at the Peppermill. It was my husband’s first time ever dining there, and he is now a part of our family of Peppermill “regulars”. 🙂

Michael’s Peppermill Memory:

One time I went there to meet my friend, Joseph Riccobono, for lunch. His father, Vincent Riccobono (one of the owners of Riccobono’s Peppermill), had a group of his friends there and one of them had just caught some speckled trout. Mr. Vincent was in the back frying up the fresh catch and his friends invited Joseph and I to join them. 15 minutes later we had food covering the entire table. It was one of the most enjoyable, fun and tasty meals i have had at Riccobono’s Peppermill, and i go there a lot. I know the family well and they are committed to their craft and are always looking to make their restaurant better. I look forward to enjoying meals there for many years to come.

 Jeffrey’s Peppermill Memory:

“Eating here forever”

My Godfather (John Collins) started taking me here 14 years ago. It
started out as lunch and dinner and now we eat breakfast here almost
every Saturday. He eats here every Thursday too now. I told him that
you all might be able to rent him a room here so he doesn’t have to go
through the trouble of walking in from the parking lot!

Melanie’s Peppermill Memory:

Our favorite breakfast stop.

Family Memory Submission

Lauren’s Peppermill Memory:

We’ve been coming since I was a little girl and he was a little boy,
what a great restaurant, always the best food in the best neighborhood.
Love Metairie and Peppermill!



Amy’s Peppermill Memory

“Great restaurant”

I love eating at the Peppermill. The food is delicious. As a child, I
remember going to eat there with my grandparents several times and
eating the delicious veal parmesan. My family also always dined there
for special occasions. As I got older, I had an amazing time for my
rehearsal dinner there. Now, I like going with my family and friends.
My new favorite dish is the eggplant parmisan. It is such a great
restaurant with friendly people.

Peggy’s Peppermill Memory

For the past 40 (about) years, your restaurant was the place our family went to for special events. My Dad used to take my Mom there, we all got together there (remember it was upstairs), my brother & I took my Mom to a Mother’s Day brunch, and I try to take my Mom there when I can. It’s her fav place and I absolutely LOVE the Oysters Riccobono!

Gregory’s Peppermill Memory:

Set up a dinner 25 years ago for a dozen family members from out of town. Many said that it was their favorite dining experience at that time. Some still talk about it!

 Anne’s Peppermill Memory:

My parents and sister go every Friday they sit in Joette’ s section. Since I had surgery I have been joining them. Had my daughter’s graduation dinner – AWESOME! We LOVE THE PEPPERMILL!

Jessi’s Peppermill Memory:

My family and I come to Pepper mill at least once a month. We love
coming and enjoy nearly everything we order off the menu.The staff is
always hospitable and welcoming, and we know we can count on Pepper
mill to have a great time.

Jessi Speziale Peppermill Photo


Darlene’s Peppermill Memory:

“Family Memories”

We have been celebrating Birthdays, holidays, weddings and
anniversaries at the Peppermill since 1979. This was the only
restaurant where my Sicilian Grandmother would order red gravy!
Looking forward to celebrating my daughter’s first anniversary in
October! Her favorites are calamari, veal parmesan and Angel Hair

Janelle’s Peppermill Memory:

“39 years of deliciousness!”

My father used to say that the soup was so good that if hospitals’
soup was that good people would be knocking down the doors to get in.
I brought my son from the time he was a baby. By 15 months old he was
ordering for himself. ” Fried fish and french fries, please.” When my
children were grammar school age, I used to take them to eat on Sunday
so I could teach them restaurant etiquette. Napkins on their lap,
please and thank you, how to use which utensil for which course. Now
they’re adults with children of their own. I’d love to be able to take
them so that we can continue the tradition. As for my favorite dish,
the best thing about Peppermill is that every time you visit you can
order another favorite! I have just too many to give you just one! I
love this place!!

Colleen’s Peppermill Memory:

“In laws”

My in-laws took in my parents to eat at the Peppermill the first time
after we became engaged. My husband’s uncle also came. He kept
drinking red wine and was extremely entertaining. Wonderful meal for a
very stressful event.